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Cash on Delivery Feature (COD)
Cash on Delivery Feature (COD)

In order to meet the needs of delivery and delivery for you (especially shop owners) more convenient and flexible, GoSend launches the Cash on Delivery (COD).

Benefits of Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • If you are the sender or shop owner (who creates GoSend COD order): you can receive payment in advance from the Driver.
  • If you are the recipient or the shopper (who receives GoSend COD order): Driver will pay in advance for the cost of the package. You will pay the amount directly to the driver when receiving the package.

How to use the Cash on Delivery feature (COD)?

Step 1: Select the GoSend icon on the homepage of the Gojek app.

Step 2: Choose the form of Cash on Delivery (COD).

Step 3: Enter the amount for the order.

Step 4: Enter the details of the order, including:

  • Receiver's information
  • Sender's information
  • Commodities
  • Weight
  • Payment method for delivery fee

Step 5: Select Order Express - Motorcycle to proceed with order delivery.

After completing the GoSend order on the Gojek app:

  • The Driver will receive the package and pay in advance (COD) to the sender.
  • Then, the Driver will deliver the goods and collect the money (COD) from the recipient.


  • For GoSend Cash on Delivery (COD) feature, the sender will pay an additional surcharge of VND 5,000 (this surcharge will not be refunded under any circumstances).
  • The maximum amount is 1,000,000 VND.
  • In case the recipient does not receive and requests to return the package, the sender and the Driver need to negotiate to delivery the package back to the sender.
  • The sender needs to pay the delivery fee in advance in the form of cash, card or MoMo Wallet.


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