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Manage corporate rides on one platform

What’s GoCorp?

GoCorp is a transport expense management platform for businesses – allowing employees to book work rides, then charge and consolidate them to your company’s GoCorp account. On GoCorp, it’s easy to set limits, make rules, and track spending.

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Why GoCorp?

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Expenses made easy

No manual claims, no scanning, no fuss. All ride charges are directly charged and added to your GoCorp dashboard for easy tracking.

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All in one app

Employees get to use the same Gojek app – all they need to do is switch to GoCorp as a payment method.

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No minimum spend

For as little or as much – only pay for the distance you travel.

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Cash flow freedom

Monthly ride consolidation, 30-day credit term billing. Free your cash flow!

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First-year fee waiver

No service fees for new sign-ups. T&Cs apply – limited time only.

How to use GoCorp (as an employee)
1․ Get onboarded
Your company adds you to their GoCorp account. Registered employees will receive a notification with all the necessary details.
2․ Book a ride
Select a GoCar / GoCar XL / GoRide. Make sure to check with your company what rides are covered.
3․ Add relevant details
Choose a reason for your trip, if your company requires it.
4․ Select GoCorp as a payment method
Change the payment method to “GoCorp” for work-related trips.
5․ Book and enjoy the ride!

Get started

Leave your details in the form below and we’ll reach out to you soon!

GoCorp FAQs

How can my company sign up with GoCorp?

Hey there! Thank you for your interest. All you need to do is leave your contact details above. We’ll follow up with all the necessary paperwork, and once you’ve signed them, you’ll be onboarded in less than 3 working days.

Is there any minimum spending if my company signs up with GoCorp?

Nope! You will be charged only for the trips your company has taken.