In-Vehicle Recording Devices (IVRDs)

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How do I apply for an In-Vehicle Recording Device (IVRD)?
How do I apply for an In-Vehicle Recording Device (IVRD)?

Step 1: Get approval from LTA

Interested driver-partners who wish to apply to install the in-vehicle recording device are encouraged to email LTA at:

Step 2: Contact an LTA-authorized installation center

Upon approval, contact an LTA-authorized installation center, and make an appointment to get your IVRD installed in your vehicle. Note that installations can only be carried out at LTA-authorized installation centers, and only upon approval by LTA.

Step 3: Let Gojek know

Submit your vehicle details along with a copy of your approval letter from LTA here. Once we have verified this information, you will receive a confirmation SMS. In the meantime, please make sure that your IVRD is not yet in use.

We will then inform your passengers of the IVRD in your vehicle via automated messaging before every pick-up.

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