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Gojek is Southeast Asia's leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services across transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more. Founded in 2010, Gojek started as a call center with a fleet of only 20 motorcycle-taxi drivers to cater to Jakarta's ever-present traffic problems. In 2015, the Gojek app was launched to provide motorbike ride-sharing (GoRide), delivery (GoSend), and shopping (GoMart) services for customers in Indonesia. Today, with over 170 million downloads, Gojek has transformed into a Super App: a one-stop platform connecting customers with over 2 million registered driver-partners and 500,000 GoFood merchants. By providing countless experiences across multiple sectors, Gojek has helped – and continues to help – improve efficiency, productivity, and financial inclusion. At the moment, Gojek Singapore runs a suite of transport options: GoCar, GoCar XL, GoTaxi, GoCar Kids, GoCar XL Kids, and GoCar Premium. We're working on the rest, so stay tuned!
Around the region
Gojek has formally announced its international expansion in Vietnam and Singapore. The group continues to make its mark in the Southeast Asian countries it operates in.
Gojek is dedicated to creating and scaling up positive socio-economic impact on the ecosystem of users, driver-partners, business and micro-small-medium enterprise partners, as well as service providers.
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