DRIVER-PARTNER Onboarding Documents (Taxi)

Here’s all you need to sign up!

Ready to take the roads with Gojek? The following are all the documents you need to complete your registration.

Front & back of NRIC

  1. Your IC must be Pink (Singaporean).

  2. Make sure that the photo is clear, all information on the card is legible, and all four corners of the card are visible.

1-1_NRIC_front.jpeg 1-2_NRIC_back.jpeg

Front & back of driver’s licence

  1. We’ll accept only class 3/3A driver's licences.

  2. Make sure that the date of issue is clear – we need to know you have at least 1 year of driving experience!

2-1_license_front.jpeg 2-2_license_back.jpeg

Front of Taxi Driver Vocational Licence (TDVL)

  1. We’ll accept only valid TDVLs from LTA.

  2. Make sure that all information on the card is legible!


MDT photo

A clear photo of your MDT device

  1. Make sure your car plate number is visible on the MDT

  2. Make sure your name is visible on the MDT


Front facing photo of your taxi

Make sure your licence plate number is visible Trans-Cab_Vehicle_Front.jpg

Bank statement

Make sure that the photo of your bank statement includes the following:

  1. Name as in NRIC

  2. Bank name

  3. Bank account number