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We’re here to help you prepare for all the unexpected that may happen. Here’s how our partnerships with Gigacover, Marsh, and AIG will have you sheltered through the rainy days.

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How you’re protected

GoalBetter’s protection includes coverage plans from Gigacover’s Freelancer Earnings Protection (FLEP) underwritten by Etiqa and free accident coverage powered by Marsh.

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Daily earnings, covered with FLEP

  • $80/day payouts – For up to 14 days of outpatient medical & 60 days of hospitalization leave
  • Free coverage – For driver-partners in Pro & Elite tiers

Safety on your rides

  • Automatic qualification – All Gojek driver-partners qualify for free on-trip insurance coverage powered by Marsh and underwritten by AIG
  • Medical expenses of up to $1,000 – Your medical expenses reimbursed, in case of accidents resulting in injuries that require medical treatment
  • Permanent disability & accidental death coverage – You’ll receive a lump sum of S$15,000 in case of accidents resulting in permanent disability or accidental death

FLEP: how it works

Be in our Pro and Elite tiers If you’re not already in these tiers, accumulate 1,400 trips within the current program period to enjoy fully-paid premiums in the next program period!

1. Get an MC
Make sure you collect a medical certificate from your doctors to claim your payouts.

2. Submit information
Upload photos of your ID, MC(s), medical bills, and reports (if any) on the Gigacover app.

3. Get paid out
Gigacover’s FLEP will pay out up to 60 days of inpatient leave from the 2nd day onwards, and outpatient leave for up to 14 days from the 6th day onwards.

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On-trip accident coverage claims

Need to make a claim under the free on-trip insurance coverage powered by Marsh and underwritten by AIG? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Inform Gojek about your accident
    Through in-app help or via drivercare.sg@gojek.com
  2. Submit a claim via claims.sggojek@marsh.com
  1. Prepare your claim documents
    This includes driver’s licence, police and medical reports, etc.
  2. Complete claim form
    This claim form will be sent to your email from Marsh
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(FLEP) When can I make a claim?

The earlier, the better – make a claim as soon as you receive your MC, and no later than 30 days from it.

(FLEP) Can I claim my medical bills?

No, you cannot. FLEP simply covers your loss of earnings with an $80/day payout.

(FLEP) Are there exceptions to what can be claimed?

FLEP covers you if you have a valid MC caused by an illness, accident at work, accident outside of work, and necessary medical procedures. Some exclusions do apply, including hospitalization or medical leave caused by:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, or any complications thereof
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Mental and nervous disorders
  • Intoxication or breaking the law

(FLEP) Where will I receive the payout?

Gigacover will automatically attempt to complete your payouts via PayNow. If you do not have a bank account tied to PayNow, Gigacover will contact you to collect your bank details.

(FLEP) Who is the insurer for Gigacover’s FLEP?

The insurer for FLEP is Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd, a fully regulated and authorised insurer, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Etiqa Insurance is part of Maybank Group.

(FLEP) I have more questions. Who do I go to for help?

Drop an email at hey@gigacover.com

(On-trip insurance) Is there a deadline for a claim submission?

Claims related to an accident whilst on a trip should be submitted through email no later than 30 days after the accident.

(On-trip insurance) How long does it take to process the claim?

Upon submission, your claim will be reviewed by AIG. If you submitted all the required information/documents and your claim has been approved by AIG, you will be reimbursed within the following estimated timelines:

  • 15–30 working days for medical expenses (if all documents are provided)
  • 90 working days on average for claims in cases of fatality

(On-trip insurance) How do I know the status of my claim submission?

All details will be included in the email reply from AIG, so make sure to check your email inbox regularly. Alternatively, you may email Claims.SGGojek@marsh.com to enquire on the status of your claim submission.

Note that all claims are reviewed based on Policy Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the policy schedule and policy wording for full benefits, terms and conditions.