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As a driver-partner in Gojek, you play a key role in making sure people get to where they need to be every day. Now, it’s time to meet your needs – whether you’re driving for passion, for your loved ones, or as you work towards your goals.

GoalBetter is created with your needs in mind. We’ll help with everything from day-to-day costs to earnings protection and healthcare – making sure that you’ll have plenty of time and energy for the things and people that matter.

What do I get with GoalBetter?

Better earnings stability

Up to 33.4% in fuel discounts with Esso and DBS, along with 20% off Singtel’s Combo Mobile plans

Better protection

With earnings protection from Gigacover and video consultations with Doctor Anywhere, you’re well covered for rainy days

Better flexibility

Choose how you want to earn with daily and monthly incentives, easy and immediate withdrawals, and more

Better experience

Round-the-clock support, birthday treats, milestone celebrations, and improved driver policies that are on your side

GoalBetter Rewards (Pilot) is a program designed to give you perks for driving with us! Here’s where we’ll help you achieve your goals while driving with Gojek. As we’re still in pilot, only selected driver-partners will receive a GoalBetter Rewards Starter Kit – stay tuned for your exclusive invite!

How to join

To participate in our driver benefits program, you must:

Reside in Singapore

Meet all eligible requirements to be a driver-partner

Have an active Gojek driver-partner account

(Click here to register)

Have opted in for GoalBetter during your onboarding process

(Not yet opted in? Click here)

How do I enjoy GOALBETTER Rewards[Pilot]

What is the current program period?

The pilot program may continue beyond 29 December 2019 at Gojek’s sole discretion.

What are the tiers and how do I qualify for them?

To qualify for the following tiers, all you need to do is collect the number of trips within a fixed 3-month trip accumulation period. Then, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits at the next program period. For example, to enjoy benefits from 30 September–29 December 2019, you have to have accumulated trips for three months from 24 June–23 September 2019.

Terms and conditions apply – visit the relevant pages for more information.

More benefits coming your way!

Start driving with Gojek!

Let’s go! We’ve got you covered with benefits that help you focus on your own goals.


How is my tier determined?

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You must complete trips to access different tiers and enjoy the rewards offered in each tier. Your trips will be accumulated over fixed three-month periods (“Program period”), and will determine your tier for the next three months.
  • Program period: 30 September–29 December 2019, for trips accumulated from 24 June–23 September 2019

I want a GoalBetter Rewards (Pilot) Starter Kit! Where do I get it?

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As the GoalBetter Rewards Program is in pilot phase, only selected driver-partners will receive the Starter Kit. Stay tuned – you’ll receive yours in time to come.

Will my tier change during my program period?

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It will not, but your tier for the following program period will change according to trips you accumulate within this program period.


  • Trips expire and reset to zero at the end of every program period and do not carry over to the next program period.
  • Tier status shall be determined by trips earned during the trip-accumulation period.
  • Trips are not transferable to other driver-partner accounts.
  • Gojek may terminate or modify the program at any time at its sole discretion.