GoCar XL is here!
GoCar XL is here!
23 Feb 2024

Stretch out your limbs. Bring more than you need. Call your posse – GoCar XL is coming to you! From 22 November, access to this new service will gradually roll out to all customers on the Gojek platform (make sure to update to app version 4.32). 

In time to come, you’ll be able to book upsized, 6-seater rides

How it works


Can I use GoCar XL for a trip with multiple stops? 

Yes, absolutely.

Can I change my pickup/drop-off points with a GoCar XL trip?

Yes. Pickup and drop-off work the same way on GoCar XL as they do with other services on Gojek.

How much does a GoCar XL trip cost? 

A typical GoCar XL trip may cost 30–60% higher than a GoCar one. Like GoCar, this fare is based on distance and dynamic pricing. Note that additional charges (e.g. ERP) may apply.

Are GoCar XL rides covered with insurance?

As with other services, all drivers and passengers are protected with free accident coverage powered by Marsh and underwritten by AIG. For more information, click here.

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