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Your guide to driving with Gojek

Hi driver-partner, welcome to the Gojek family! We're excited to have you and we hope you’ll have a great experience. 

In the first few weeks of your journey, our system will be learning your driving behaviour and will allocate more trips to you as your performance increases – so do be patient! 

To get started, refer to these tips below.

Top must-knows about earning with Gojek

🔹 Only 10% service fees for all GoCar trips

🔹 Enjoy $3 flat fee payouts for far pick-ups above 3km

🔹 Enjoy daily incentives when you drive during the peak hours! Plus, monthly service fee rebates to reward you for your loyalty from 1 Apr onwards

Full details:

Top 3 things to do

  1. Learn how to use the driver app with our in-app learning portal (
  2. Learn all about your driver incentives (
  3. Get the latest Gojek news and exclusive updates, only on our official Telegram channel (

New driver tips 

💡 Accept ALL trips for more earnings

A high performance of at least 80% allows for more trips to be automatically allocated to you by our system.

💡 Know where to drive with the Points of Interest feature

Our latest app feature gives you personalised recommendations on specific locations for a higher likelihood of getting orders. More info:

💡 Drive during peak hours for bonus points 

The more peak hour points you earn, the more you can earn with daily peak hour boosters! How to earn points? Visit

💡 Target weekends for higher demand 

Booking requests are 30% higher from Friday to Sunday. Drive during this period and enjoy 35% more earnings!

Below are the hottest timings where customers are requesting for rides the most:


Weekday (Mon-Fri): 6AM - 8AM, 5PM - 7PM

🔥 Hottest weekday timings: 8AM & 6PM

Weekend (Sat - Sun): 11AM -1PM, 5PM - 7PM

🔥 Hottest weekday timings: 12PM & 6PM

Check out more hotspots for the best places to drive based on your preferred timings:

GoalBetter is our free driver benefits program designed to give you perks for driving with us. 

Created with your needs in mind, GoalBetter helps with everything from day-to-day costs to earnings protection and healthcare – making sure that you’ll have plenty of time and energy for the things and people that matter.

Looking to rent a car? Rent with GoFleet to save and earn more. 

GoFleet driver-partners enjoy an immediate upgrade from Classic to Premium GoalBetter tier - which means even more fuel rebates and GoalBetter benefits.

Are you a taxi driver?

As a Gojek taxi driver, you enjoy more earning opportunities and less waiting time, with the ability to accept both GoCar and GoTaxi trips.

  • More about driving with Gojek as a taxi driver:
  • Learn the difference between GoTaxi and GoCar trips:

Have enquiries?

Email us at or book an appointment at to visit us at 


38 Sin Ming Lane, S(573957)

Mon–Fri: 10AM–6PM

Sat, Sun & PH: Closed 

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