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Your guide to driving with Gojek

Hi driver-partner, welcome to the Gojek family! We're excited to have you and we hope you’ll have a great experience. 

In the first few weeks of your journey, our system will be learning your driving behaviour and will allocate more trips to you as your performance increases – so do be patient! 

To get started, refer to these tips below.

Top must-knows about earning with Gojek

🔹 Only 10% service fees for all GoCar trips

🔹 Enjoy $3 flat fee payouts for far pick-ups above 3km

🔹 Enjoy daily incentives when you drive during the peak hours! Plus, monthly service fee rebates to reward you for your loyalty. Full details:

Click through for the full cheat sheet for new drivers!

🔹 English version here

🔹 Chinese version here

Top 3 things to do

  1. Learn how to use the driver app with our in-app learning portal (
  2. Learn all about your driver incentives (
  3. Get the latest Gojek news and exclusive updates, only on our official Telegram channel (

New driver tips 

💡 Accept ALL trips for more earnings

A high performance of at least 80% allows for more trips to be automatically allocated to you by our system.

💡 Know where to drive with the Points of Interest feature

Our latest app feature gives you personalised recommendations on specific locations for a higher likelihood of getting orders. More info:

💡 Drive during peak hours for bonus points 

The more peak hour points you earn, the more you can earn with daily peak hour boosters! 

Full details:

💡 Target weekends for higher demand 

Booking requests are higher from Friday to Sunday. Drive during this period and enjoy more earnings!

Check out more hotspots for the best places to drive based on your preferred timings:

GoalBetter is our free driver benefits program designed to give you perks for driving with us. 

Created with your needs in mind, GoalBetter helps with everything from day-to-day costs to earnings protection and healthcare – making sure that you’ll have plenty of time and energy for the things and people that matter.

Looking to rent a car? Rent with GoFleet to save and earn more. 

GoFleet driver-partners enjoy an immediate upgrade from Classic to Premium GoalBetter tier - which means even more fuel rebates and GoalBetter benefits.

Are you a taxi driver?

As a Gojek taxi driver, you enjoy more earning opportunities and less waiting time, with the ability to accept both GoCar and GoTaxi trips.

  • More about driving with Gojek as a taxi driver:
  • Learn the difference between GoTaxi and GoCar trips:

Have enquiries?

Email us at or book an appointment at to visit us at 


38 Sin Ming Lane, S(573957)

Mon–Fri: 10AM–6PM

Sat, Sun & PH: Closed 

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