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Say goodbye to the hassle of transport cost reimbursement 👋

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Helping over 1000 companies and businesses to easily manage their transportation and delivery needs

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With 13x client growth per year, GoCorp has helped more than a thousand companies in Indonesia and Singapore. Here are stories from some of our clients who have used GoCorp in their business.
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Get To Know About GoCorp

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An excellent and effortless service for companies to provide their employees transportation benefits and delivery, accessible via Gojek app with easy to manage spending limits. Various transport options are available from millions of our driver partners with Gocar and GoRide to cater your employees mobility needs and GoSend to cater your business delivery needs.

Transportation that you can rely on


162 cities in Indonesia

Have been served by GoCorp to date.


2 million+ driver partners

have supported Gojek's transportation & delivery services


Various options for your needs

From GoCar and GoRide as your transportation solution & GoSend as your delivery solution

Why GoCorp?

Easy to control employees usage

Easy to control employees usage

Transpot trip and delivery detail can be seen real-time via dashboard, easy to use and accessible digitally everywhere.

Easy to allocate employee’s transportation cost

Easy to allocate employee’s transportation cost

Companies can control the maximum budget limit for transportation usage.

No limit of max. / min. budget spending

No limit of max. / min. budget spending

Cost only calculate based on spending usage. It is suitable even for SME companies.



Both company and employee can see available limit.

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For any help needed related to your Gojek account, please access our help center page
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GoCorp FAQs

How can my company join GoCorp?

After contacting us, GoCorp team will send a commercial terms and legal agreement that you have to sign and once it’s signed, you’ll be onboarded to GoCorp in less than 3 days

How can the admin give GoCorp access to my employee?

Admin can onboard employees individually or do bulk upload. The required information is only the name and phone number that is currently registered on the Gojek app. If the phone number isn't registered, then employee need to create a new gojek account

How can I use GoCorp as an employee once given the access to GoCorp?

After you are onboarded, you will be able to see GoCorp as a payment method when making a transport booking. You need to select your origin, destination, and service type before selecting the GoCorp as a payment method.

How can the admin control employee’s GoCorp usage?

The admin has multiple options to give the limits. Daily/weekly/monthly/all-time spending limit, daily/weekly/monthly/all-time per # of trips, time-windows and locations. If the employee didn't have enough limit or not following the rules, then the employee won’t be able to make a GoCorp order.

How do I monitor the trips taken by the company?

From GoCorp dashboard, you can monitor all the orders by your employee through the trips menu. You can get the detailed trip information and also able to generate the report.

Is there any minimum spending if my company joins GoCorp?

There’s no minimum spending requirement.