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Refer your company, get IDR 1 million GoPay credit

Refer your company to use GoCorp, and once the company is onboarded and active, enjoy a GoPay credit of up to IDR 1 million as a token of our appreciation for your valuable recommendation.

How do I refer a company?

Simply refer a company to GoCorp by submitting the necessary information through the GoCorp website. We will promptly reach out to the referred company to provide details about the product and guide them through the registration process.

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GoCorp Referral Scheme

Refer a company to GoCorp. Earn up to IDR 1 million in GoPay credit when the referred company joins and makes a transaction within 2 months. Your prize details will be emailed by GoCorp, and referred companies also receive special offers.

Reward GoPay Credit up to IDR 1 million

You are Enterprise Company, Big Startup Company, Government or BUMN.

You have engaged in transactions during the initial 2 months

Reward GoPay Credit up to IDR 500 thousand

You are other than a Corporate Company, Large Startup Company, Government or BUMN.

You have engaged in transactions during the initial 2 months

Terms & Conditions

Kindly refer to the program's terms and conditions provided below for detailed information.

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Terms & Conditions for referral program

  • GoCorp referral program is valid until 31 December 2024.
  • Referral submissions are accepted until 31 December 2024, the registration and transaction calculation deadline is on 28 February 2025.
  • The program is exclusively applicable for submissions through the GoCorp website on the Referral page.
  • Referrers must be authorized and have consent from the referred party to submit data on the GoCorp website.
  • Referred companies are required to have a tax identification number (NPWP) for GoCorp service registration.
  • Gojek reserves the right to withhold and/or cancel rewards to referrers at any time, including in cases of discovered misuse, fraud, and/or other suspicious activities.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • By submitting a referral on the GoCorp website, the referrer agrees to the applicable terms and conditions.
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Terms & Conditions for reward referral

  • The referrer is entitled to receive a GoPay balance reward when the referred company is successfully registered as a GoCorp client and conducts a minimum of 1 transaction within the first two months from the registration date
  • The announcement of referral winners will be made through the official GoCorp email in the first or second week of each month.
  • Winners are required to submit the prize delivery confirmation no later than the 15th of each month
  • The GoPay prize delivery will take place within 10-14 working days from the deadline of submitting the prize delivery confirmation
  • Prize delivery confirmations submitted after the 15th will be processed in the following month.
  • The prize amount is adjusted according to the outlined scheme and meets the specified criteria.
  • Prizes are non-redeemable.
  • The determination of winners and prize amounts is absolute and not subject to dispute.