How to register account to buy mutual funds

1. Open GoInvestasi. Go to the ‘Account’ menu, and click on the profile area.

2. Click on ‘KYC 2’

3. You will be guided on the verification steps you need to follow.

4. Answer 9 short questions according to your investment profile and goals. After answering 9 questions, you will know your risk profile.


5. Fill in the bank account data.


6. On KYC 2 page, fill in the fields according to your personal data and include a digital signature.


7. Signature in GoInvestasi is done digitally, so please sign in the box provided as shown below. Click ‘Clear’ if your signature does not match your e-KTP, then repeat the signature, if it is correct, click ‘Save’.


8.Your data will be verified by the Pluang Grow and KSEI team, your registration process will be completed in a maximum of 1x24 hours.

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