How to give rating and tip to driver

Giving star(s) to the driver to rate their service can be done after the order is completed. But, giving a tip to the driver can be done while the order is still ongoing or completed. 

Giving tips on ongoing order
On the ongoing order page you can directly tip the driver by pressing the 'Tip driver' button below the driver profile information.

Ongoing orders can be accessed via 'Orders' on My Profile menu.

Giving rating and tips on completed order
On completed order, all orders can be found on the Gojek homepage or on the 'Orders' menu on My Profile. On the ‘Orders’ menu, click 'History'. 

(sample of the order on the History tab)

After selecting the order, you can rate the driver by giving a star(s). You also can give a tip* to the driver. *The nominal tip that you can give depends on your GoPay balance

Moreover, you can give a reason and comment related to the driver's service, then click ‘Done’

If you forgot to tip your driver yet you already submitted your rating or you want to give more tip, you can tell us in the following ways:

  1. Select the order number on the 'History' page
  2. Click 'Help'>Payment issue > I want to give tip to the driver and follow the instructions until your tip is successfully given to the driver.


  1. The rating and tip that you have submitted cannot be revised
  2. You can only tip driver if you make a payment using GoPay and you have enough GoPay balance to do so
  3. The tip that you gave will be 100% received by the driver after the order is completed.

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