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How to give rating and tip to driver

Currently, drivers tipping and rating are only available on the Gojek App.

Giving star(s) to the driver to rate their service can be done after the order is completed. But, giving a tip to the driver can be done when: 

The order is still ongoing
If you want to tip the driver while the order is ongoing, please go to Orders → Ongoing, then give a tip to the driver by pressing the 'Give a tip' button below the driver's profile information.

The order is already completed
Once the order is already completed, you can tip the driver by go to Orders → History, then select the order you want.

After choosing the order, you can rate the driver by giving a star(s). You also can give a tip* to the driver. *The nominal tip that you can give depends on your GoPay balance.

Moreover, you can give a reason and comment related to the driver's service, then click ‘Done’

If you want to tip the driver   after submitting your rating, please follow below steps:

  1. Select the order number on the 'History' page
  2. Click 'Help'>Payment issue > I want to give tip to the driver

Can I give ratings and tips to drivers from the GoFood website?

For now, giving tips and ratings to drivers can only be done through the application. Please open your GoFood transaction history in the Gojek application, then enter the rating and tip that you want to give to the driver.


  1. The rating and tip that you have submitted cannot be revised
  2. You can only tip the driver if you make a payment using GoPay and you have enough GoPay balance to do so
  3. The tip that you gave will be 100% received by the driver after the order is completed.

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