GoCar SafeTrip Basic Insurance

We always strive to provide the best experience for you by paying special attention to your comfort and security while using Gojek services, including ensuring that you are fully protected when using GoCar services from accidents that may occur. 

Therefore, Gojek in collaboration with Jasa Raharja provides insurance for GoCar customers. When you are traveling with GoCar, you will automatically get insurance protection benefits throughout your entire tripwithout being charged for any extra costs.

I. What benefits and coverage value can I get from this insurance?

Here are the details about the benefits and coverage value that you will get: 

  • Death by accident (Rp50.000.000) 
  • Permanent Disability (maximum of Rp50.000.000) 
  • Medical Expenses (maximum of Rp20.000.000) 
  • Burial Reimbursement Cost for victims who do not have an heir (Rp4.000.000) 
  • Additional Benefits of First Aid Costs Reimbursement (Rp1.000.000) 
  • Additional Benefits of Ambulance Fee Reimbursement (Rp500.000)

II. Who is covered by this insurance?

The eligible parties for this insurance are: 

  • Passengers who are in the vehicle 
  • 4 (four) passengers who are in GoCar and up to 6 (six) passengers for GoCar L 
  • GoCar Driver 
  • Third party who are outside the vehicle involved in the accident

III. How do I submit a claim?

There are two ways of submitting your claim: 

  • Claim through Jasa Raharja’s official channel:
  1. You can contact Jasa Raharja at Call Center number 1500020 or SMS Center number at 081210500500
  2. Jasa Raharja will direct your report to official reporting channels, including the JRku app ( Android or iOS), website, or go directly to the nearest Jasa Raharja branch
  3. Jasa Raharja will record the accident report 
  4. Service Officer at Jasa Raharja will contact Gojek to verify the data 
  5. Handling of claims will be processed immediately 
  • Direct claim to Gojek
  1. You can contact Gojek through: Customer Care (24 hours service) at 021-5084 9000 SOS Gojek Hotline at 021-5084 9084 Email to criticalops@gojek.com and provide information which includes name, telephone number, police number, and location of the accident. By submitting this data, you will get a ticket number
  2. The SOS Team will escalate the report to Incident Response Team (IRT) and verify it according to the internal SOP 
  3. The IRT team will coordinate with Jasa Raharja by phone and / or email 

IV. What documents are needed to submit the claim?

These are the list of documents or proof that you need to prepare before submitting an insurance claim: 

  1. Police Report which stated the accident (Surat Bukti Laporan Polisi) 
  2. Copies of medical resumes and/or health information forms filled out and signed by doctors who are assigned to treat the victims at the hospital 
  3. Medical bill/payment receipt  
  4. For claiming ambulance fee reimbursement from the scene of the accident to the hospital, you need to prepare: ▪ Transportation cost receipt ▪ Patient acceptance form that contains information about the victim's condition, the transportation used, and the hospital receiving 
  5. For in-patient medical expense claim, you need to prepare: ▪ A Power of Attorney letter from the victim to the hospital ▪ The billing cover letter containing information on the victim's name, treatment period, bill amount, and guarantee letter number from Jasa Raharja 
  6. If the victim dies, you need to prepare: ▪ Supporting documents of inheritance ▪ Death certificate 
  7. If the victim has permanent disabilities, prepare a disability document from the doctor who treats the victim

V. Is there a deadline for filing a claim?

Yes. Jasa Raharja may reject your insurance claim if the request exceeds 6 (six) months deadline since the accident occurred.

VI. How long does it take to process a claim?

  • The claim settlement process for either injured or death until payment can be completed in a maximum of 1 (one) hour since the submission of complete documents/documents 
  • In the case of filing death by accident claim, the maximum completion of claim is 4 (four) daysfrom the date of the accident 
  • In the case of injured victims who have been guaranteed hospital bill, the completion of claim is 7 (seven) days maximum after the hospital sends the bill

V. Insurance Claim Exceptions

  1. Your insurance claim becomes invalid or rejected if: 
  2. If the victim has received a Mandatory Contribution guarantee under Law 34/1964 (unable to make a double claim) 
  3. Suicide, attempted suicide/other intentions on the part of the victim, including the consequences arising from the murder, attempted murder, hijacking, robbery, and the like are also not covered by Jasa Raharja 
  4. Accidents due to victims drunk/unconscious, committing criminal acts, or accidents arising because victims have physical/mental disabilities 
  5. Accidents that are not related to the risk of modern traffic or accidents due to the use of vehicles outside their function as public transportation, such as: - street race - an accident during natural disaster - accidents due to war, occupation, civil war, rebellion, riots, strikes, terrorism, political turmoil / other chaos - accident due to weapons of war - accident due to acts ordered by the TNI 
  6. If the request for compensation claims has passed the 6-month deadline

VI. Who should I contact when I need further assistance?

You can contact the Call Center 1500020, SMS Center 081210500500 or all Jasa Raharja offices nationwide. 

Hope this article gives you clear information about GoCar passenger safety insurance. Have a safe trip!

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