How to order GoBox

You can send large items anywhere (without maximum distance), and here’s how to order GoBox

  • Choose GoBox in the Gojek app homepage. Or, swipe up the services menu to find GoBox

  • Choose the type of service provided by GoBox according to your needs, Large delivery or Moving

  • Input pick up and delivery location (detail location and contact). Click ‘Next’ to continue your order

  • Put the description in details of items to be shipped by clicking ‘Start’

  • Write the item you want to send or by selecting the recommendation provided in 'Popular items for Moving’

  • You can also provide notes, warning of fragile item (by sliding to the right), and the size of the items you want to send by clicking Details. Click 'Save' to continue order

  • Select vehicle you want according to your needs*, then Click ‘Next’
    *By selecting the category of Large delivery or Moving at the beginning of your order, on this page we will recommend the type of vehicle that suits your needs, but you don't need to worry because you can also choose the type of vehicle you want which is not our recommendation

  • Select item protection according to your needs

  • Select your preferred payment method (cash or GoPay) then click ‘Order GoBox’ to proceed your order
  • By clicking ‘Order GoBox’ you agree to Our Terms of Service and that you have read our Privacy Policy

Can I track GoBox order?

Of course, you can track the process of delivery that run by our driver by following the steps below:

  • Once driver found, you can click > icon

  • Then choose 'Track order'

  • You can see the delivery status of the item on the 'Track order' page

Hope this information helps you.

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