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If you think you left your item behind after using Gojek services, you can try checking your chat history with the driver. You just need to go to the Order History page, then click the chat icon on the related order. Perhaps the driver has notified you before that you've left your belongings in the vehicle.

Notes about chat history:

  • Currently, it's only available in GoCar and GoBluebird services
  • You can still chat the driver up to 2 hours after your order is completed
  • After that you can no longer reply or chat the driver, but you can still see the chat history for 24 hours after the order is completed


Keeping personal belongings while using Gojek services is a must in order to avoid them being left behind or lost. Therefore, always check your belongings when your trip is complete.

If you left your item(s) after using Gojek services, please contact us at the phone number on the Help Page article (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact Us* button below the article, and we will help you to confirm it with the driver.

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

After you report your experience to us and your belongings have already submitted to us by our drivers, you can claim your  item(s) within 30 (thirty) calendar days since the said order was made.

But if you don’t claim your item(s) within the above timeline, then the entire title rights of your item(s) was transferred and handed-over to us. Thus, we have the full rights to take any action on the said item(s).

Please visit the following link www.gojek.com/terms-of-service for more information.

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