Now You Can Find J3K Safe Zone at Juanda Station
Now You Can Find J3K Safe Zone at Juanda Station
goride / 24 Feb 2024

As our routines slowly return to normal, it does not mean that we have to loosen our tight health and safety precaution. During this pandemic, Gojek supports health protocols at many strategic pick-up locations including Juanda Station. If previously you could wait to be picked up here, this time Gojek has increased the function of the location of the pick-up point to the J3k Safe Zone.

The elevated standard in these pick up locations is one form of our J3K (Stay Healthy, Hygienic and Protected) protocol that we have implemented in various services of Gojek. In this J3K Safe Zone, you can take part in conducting standard sterilization protocols, you can perform the standard sterilization protocol as follows.

J3K Safe Zones Health Protocols

  1. Body temperature check 
  2. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer to avoid the risk of transmission
  3. Get a mask from our personnel. It is mandatory to wear a mask during your GoRide/ GoCar trip
  4. Comply with social distancing procedure, make sure to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the queue while waiting to get picked up
  5. Our personnel will also provide you hair caps and spray disinfectant on your helmet as well as your car handle.

For you who need to be at your destination as quick as possible, you can also order GoRide Instant from Juanda Station. What you need is to follow five simple steps. Come to GoJek pickup point at Juanda Station, order GoRide, select “Try GoRide Instant”, meet your driver, and give the PIN that you can get on the order page. Simple, isn’t it?

List of GoRide Pickup Points At Juanda Station, Jakarta

Jalan Jati Baru Raya, Jl. Cideng Timur, Kecamatan Tanah Abang, 10250

South Gate – GoRide Instant Pick up Point

How to Order GoRide Instant

  1. Open Gojek app, select GoRide then enter your destination and pickup location.
  2. Re-check your destination and pickup location, make sure that the info is correct, then click ‘Order GoRide’.
  3. A notification will appear, then click "Try GoRide Instant"
  4. You will receive a 6 digit code that will be given to the driver to start your trip
  5. Scroll down to see directions to the location of the pick-up point.

In this J3K NyAman Zone, your cleanliness and comfort are guaranteed. Not to mention, you can immediately hop on the trip to your destination without waiting for a long time. GoRide Instant is not only available at Juanda Station. You can search for other GoRide / GoCar pick-up points to get similar comfort guarantees.

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#ThereIsAlwaysAWay to protect each other. Let’s apply the J3K protocol together to make life more comfortable.