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THR BCA OneKlik Promo: Get 49.000 IDR Cashback for Top Up GoPay 199.000 IDR

THR BCA OneKlik Promo: Get 49.000 IDR Cashback for Top Up GoPay 199.000 IDR
GoPay / 22 Apr 2022

GoPay Top up via OneKlik is easy and efficient. You don’t need to go back and forth from one app to another because you can directly top up GoPay balance with one click directly inside the Gojek app. Let's try it here!

For those of you who are doing top-ups for the first time via OneKlik, you can get GoPay cashback bonus! Check the full details below.

BCA OneKlik Promo Terms & Conditions

  1. Promo period April 25–May 5, 2022.
  2. This promo is valid for the first time GoPay balance top up via OneKlik minimum of 199,000 IDR and does not apply to multiples.
  3. This promo is valid for selected users of the Gojek application who have registered before April 25, 2022.
  4. Users will get GoPay cashback of 49,000 IDR.
  5. The quota for cashback recipients is a total of 7,000 during the promo period (650 users/day).
  6. Cashback will be obtained a maximum of 2x24 hours after the GoPay top up is successful.
  7. One (1) time top up transaction can only be used to complete one mission and cannot be combined with other missions/promotions.
  8. GoPay has the right to determine and/or change the participation status of each user in any promos at any time without prior notification.
  9. GoPay has the right to withhold and/or cancel promos and/or limit services, either temporarily or permanently, to certain users and/or business partners at any time including if abusive, fraudulent and/or fraudulent actions are found. other suspicious activity.
  10. The cashback in this promo can be canceled if the total GoPay balance after top up has reached IDR 10 million for users with GoPay Plus accounts and IDR 2 million for users with non-GoPay Plus accounts.
  11. The cashback in this promo can be canceled if the total transaction value entered into the user's GoPay account for a month has exceeded the limit set by the regulator (Rp 20 million/month in calendar).
  12. If there is an ongoing promo mission with the same scheme, the user will get a reward from the ongoing mission.
  13. General terms and conditions apply, check at gjk.id/syaratpromogopay.

How to Top Up GoPay Balance Using OneKlik

You just need to follow the steps below to top up your GoPay balance using OneKlik!

  1. On the GoPay menu, click Top up.
  2. On the Instant page, enter or select the amount to top up your GoPay balance.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. The application will show the details of the balance to be paid.
  5. Press Pay to continue.
  6. Enter your GoPay PIN. If you haven't created a GoPay PIN yet, click here to see how.

How to Add a BCA Debit Card to Use OneKlik

Before top up your GoPay balance using OneKlik, make sure your BCA debit card is installed in the Gojek application. See the steps below.

  1. Make sure your BCA Mobile number is active in financial services.
  2. On the GoPay menu, select Top up.
  3. Select Add BCA debit card.
  4. Fill in your BCA debit card number and daily limit.
  5. Select a mobile number to receive the OTP (One Time Password) code.
  6. Enter the OTP code, Click Add Card.

You can check complete information about OneKlik here.

If you have questions or need other information, you can go to the Help Page or contact customerservice@gojek.com

Let’s top up your GoPay balance via OneKlik via the button below now!

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