Maximum Total GoPay Cashback
Maximum Total GoPay Cashback
gopay / 24 Feb 2024

There is important information for you GoPay users. GoPay applies a cashback limit of a maximum of IDR 50,000 per month in a calendar month.

GoPay Total Maximum Cashback Details:

  1. The cashback limit applies to all GoPay users.
  2. The maximum cashback received by users is IDR 50,000/calendar month for all transactions using GoPay on-site and at online merchants.
  3. Maximum cashback applies to cashback promos.
  4. Maximum cashback does not apply to all merchants at GoPay Online Festival, Alfagift, McDonald’s Indonesia, Chatime & Dominos (online), and all merchants in XXI.
  5. If the cashback received by the user has exceeded the maximum limit, then on the next transaction the user will not get cashback from business partners who have GoPay promos.
  6. If the user makes a transaction using the GoPay cashback voucher on the My Voucher page, the user will still get the cashback value written on the voucher.
  7. Renewal of the total maximum cashback value will be made at the beginning of each month (1st of each month).
  8. GoPay has the right to withhold and/or cancel promotions to users and/or certain business partners at any time, including when the transaction underlying the promo is canceled and/or the user requests a refund for the transaction underlying the promo, found acts of abuse (abusive), cheating (fraudulent), and/or other suspicious activity.

Let’s make the best use of the total cashback limit of IDR 50,000 that you get from various attractive promos at GoPay Business Partners. If you want to know what cashback promos are on GoPay, check them out here!

If you have any questions or need other information, you can go to the Help Page or contact customerservice@gojek.com.

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