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How to Transfer or Send GoPay Balance to Other Gojek Accounts

How to Transfer or Send GoPay Balance to Other Gojek Accounts
GoPay / 2 Oct 2020

Besides being able to be used to pay for anything, you can transfer the GoPay balance to your friends or other Gojek accounts. So, whenever you're going out, shopping, or dining together with your friends and they pay it for you, you can easily transfer the GoPay balance to pay them back.

But first, you must upgrade your account to GoPay Plus if you wanna transfer GoPay balance to your friends. See the tutorial GoPay Plus here!

How to Send GoPay Balance to Another Account

  • Click Pay on the main page of the Gojek apps.
  • Type your friend's name or cellphone number to send the GoPay balance.
  • Or, you can choose directly from the contact list of your GoPay friends.
  • Enter the nominal amount of the GoPay balance, then click Confirm.
  • Add theme icons and note messages. Please make sure you select Add as a friend on GoPay if it's your first time sending it to him/her. Select Friends privacy mode if you want the moment of this post to be seen by your recipient GoPay friends and their friends. Or select Secret if you want only you and the recipient to see it.
  • Enter your GoPay PIN number. You will get a notification that you have successfully transferred your GoPay balance to your friend.

If you want to see the transactions that you have made, you can select History on the GoPay menu. Share this information with all your friends, so they know how to send a GoPay balance.

If you have questions or need other information, you can go to the Help Page or contact customerservice@gojek.com.

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