J3K Safe Zones is now Available at Sudirman Station
J3K Safe Zones is now Available at Sudirman Station
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers,

Some of you may have returned to routine as usual. One of them, back to the office. This means you have returned to undergo routine riding public mass vehicles including KRL. As you might have known already, Gojek has pick-up locations at various strategic locations, including Sudirman Station. The difference is, especially in the middle of this pandemic, Gojek has taken the initiative to improve the function of the existing pickup point location into J3K Safe Zone.

The elevated standard in these pick up locations is one form of our J3K (Stay Healthy, Hygienic and Protected) protocol that we have implemented in various services of Gojek to protect each other, including maintaining the health and security of you and your partners.

In this J3K Safe Zone, you can take part in conducting standard sterilization protocols, ranging from checking body temperature, cleaning your hands with a hand sanitizer, and providing masks and headgear for you before travelling with Gojek.

J3K Safe Zones Health Protocols 

  1. Body temperature check 
  2. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer to avoid the risk of transmission
  3. Get a mask and from our personnel. It is mandatory to wear a mask during your GoRide/ GoCar trip
  4. Comply with social distancing procedure, make sure to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the queue while waiting to get picked up
  5. Our personnel will also provide you hair caps and spray disinfectant on your helmet as well as your car handle

For those of you who want to ride GoRide, you can also order GoRide Instant from Sudirman Station. It’s simple, safe, and doesn’t require you to wait for long. You only have to come to Gojek pickup point at Sudirman Station. When you order GoRide, don’t forget to select “GoRide Pick up Point”, meet your driver, and give the PIN that you can get on the order page.

List of GoRide Pickup Points At Sudirman Station, Jakarta

Jl. Kendal No.24, RW.6, Menteng, Jakarta 10310

Shelter Gojek Ex Pasar Blora

How to Order GoRide Instant

  1. Open Gojek app, select GoRide then enter your destination and pickup location.
  2. Re-check your destination and pickup location, make sure that the info is correct, then click ‘Order GoRide’.
  3. A notification will appear, then click "Try GoRide Instant"
  4. You will receive a 6 digit code that will be given to the driver to start your trip
  5. Scroll down to see directions to the location of the pick-up point.

No need to worry! Your cleanliness and comfort can be maintained in the J3K Safe Zone. Not to mention that it's convenient to use GoRide Instant, isn't it?

GoRide is not only instant at Sudirman Station. You can look for other locations at the following GoRide / GoCar pick-up points to experience similar convenience.

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By implementing the J3K protocol together, #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to make life more comfortable.