On-time guarantee voucher for GoRide & GoCar Service
On-time guarantee voucher for GoRide & GoCar Service
gojek / 27 Jun 2022

Do you need a more reliable experience with GoRide & GoCar? We Got You! Gojek presents you with a new On-Time Guarantee Program.

Our Gojek drivers are always striving for the best service they can give to you, including being quick and on time in picking you up. If one day, our drivers make you wait longer than 10 minutes compared to the estimated time shown in the application, you will get a discount voucher IDR 5K (GoRide) and IDR 10K (GoCar) which can be used for the next trip.

To enjoy the On-Time Guarantee Voucher, do not forget to activate the SafeTrip+ feature before you place an order for GoRide / GoCar. Also, please upgrade your Gojek app to the latest version. Enjoy your trip! 

Terms & Conditions for On-Time Guarantee Vouchers

PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (“GoTo”) holds a Program that applies to GoCar, GoCar L, GoCar Protect, GoRide and GoRide Protect Services (“Gojek Services”) users who have subscribed to and use the insurance of Safetrip+ protection and/or who have fulfilled other criteria as determined in this T&C Program and at GoTo's discretion (“User”).

By using the Gojek Services and participating in this Program, hence the User will be deemed has agreed with the following T&C Program and therefore agree to comply and abide by the whole provisions as stipulated below in good faith. The User agrees and understands that this T&C Program is an integral part of Terms of Use of Gojek Application and therefore, by abiding to this T&C Program, the User will also be subject to the Terms of Use of Gojek Application.

The User who experiences delays in the pickup process when using the Gojek Service, then such User can get a voucher that will be given by Gojek ("On Time Guarantee Voucher"). In this case the On Time Guarantee Voucher will only be given with the following conditions:

  1. If the pick-up is using GoRide or GoRide Protect is 10 minutes late, then the User is entitled to a On Time Guarantee Voucher of IDR 5,000 for the specific Gojek Service;
  2. If the pick-up/trip is using GoCar, GoCar L or GoCar Protect is 10 minutes late, then the User is entitled to a On Time Guarantee Voucher of IDR 10,000 for the specific Gojek Service.

The On Time Guarantee Voucher will not be applicable or will not be given to the User in the following conditions:

  1. If the User or driver of Gojek Service is cancel the booking order for whatever reason;
  2. If the User is change the pick up location; or
  3. If the User is not getting the driver.

If you are a User who is entitled to get a On Time Guarantee Voucher, then you will get a notification from Gojek and the On Time Guarantee Voucher will be given no later than 48 (forty eight) hours from the end of the trip. If within that period the On Time Guarantee Voucher has not been received by You, then please contact Gojek customer service who will immediately help to deal with your problems.

On Time Guarantee Voucher Terms:

Gojek is not responsible for any form of loss suffered by the User due to negligence or acts of abuse or fraud committed by the User during this program.

The User hereby unconditionally and irrevocably releases, relieve and permanently releases Gojek, from and from any and all obligations, actions, obligations, causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and any compensation, whether known or not. is known, now exists or hereafter arises, by law or otherwise, in connection with the implementation of this program and related to the program rules set forth in this T&C Program.

For questions and assistance regarding this program, please contact our customer support in the customerservice@gojek.com or +6221-5084-9000