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Be Safer with the New Gojek Driver Profile

Be Safer with the New Gojek Driver Profile
Gojek · 13 May 2020

Hi Gojekers,

In any condition, especially in the midst of a pandemic, Gojek is committed to taking various efforts in preventing the spread of COVID-19 for your safety and peace of mind in using our services. Some of the initiatives we’ve done are driver-partners’ body temperature checks to ensure they are in a healthy condition during their duty and vehicle disinfection to keep their cars and bikes sanitized. 

Both of these initiatives have been routinely done in Gojek Safety Centres (locally known as Posko Aman Bersama Gojek) which are located at 130 spots, spread across 16 cities in Indonesia. 

Learn more about our various efforts to prevent COVID-19 here: Gojek’s Commitment to Ensuring Driver Partners Health to Keep Each Other Safe

Currently, information on driver-partners’ body temperature check and vehicle disinfection can be seen in the driver's profile that appears after ordering GoRide/GoCar service (depending on the policy of each region), as you can see below:

This new profile driver can also be seen when you're using GoFood service: 

Through these efforts, we hope to provide a safe environment & optimal service for you and our driver-partners. #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to go through this pandemic together.