Be Safer with the New Gojek Driver Profile
Be Safer with the New Gojek Driver Profile
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers, 

In today’s challenging situation, we will never cease to remind you that your health and safety are our priority. In response to these challenges, we are elevating our standards through various efforts, which are reflected in the J3K (Stay Healthy, Hygienic and Protected) protocol that we have implemented for all of our services. These include: driver-partners’ body temperature check to ensure the driver is in a healthy state when performing their duties and vehicle disinfection to ensure the hygiene of driver-partners’ vehicles. Both of these are carried out regularly at the J3K Safety Centres, which as of July 2020 operates in 174 points, increased from the previous 130 points, spread across major cities in Indonesia.

Body Temperature Status & Vehicle Cleaning

Each Partner is required to carry out health protocols independently, including body temperature check and vehicles disinfection before executing orders. If Partner has done all the required health protocols, Partner can check and click "I'm Ready Online". Body temperature status and Partner availability will appear on the Customer's Gojek Application.

Learn more about our various efforts to prevent COVID-19 here: Gojek’s Commitment to Ensuring Driver Partners Health to Keep Each Other Safe
Currently, information on driver-partners’ body temperature check and vehicle disinfection can be seen in the driver's profile that appears after ordering GoCar and GoRide service (depending on the policy of each region), GoSend and GoFood, as you can see below:

Through these efforts, we hope to provide a safe environment & optimal service for you and our driver-partners. By implementing the J3K protocol together, #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to make life safer and more comfortable.