Stronger Security for Your Gojek Account with Two-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Stronger Security for Your Gojek Account with Two-Factor Authentication (MFA)
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers,

It's no secret that the services available at Gojek’s Super App provide a wide range of solutions to the daily commotion of life. Starting from transportation and logistics services, food & FMCG, payment, daily necessities, entertainment, and news needs, all can be accessed directly using one application. In order for you to avoid the threat of irresponsible parties hijacking your Gojek account, Gojek launched a 2-step verification process called Two-Factor Authentication.

Want to learn more about what is Multi-Factor Authentication and how to login from a new device with this new security feature? Click the links below to read a specific part of this blog:

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Oh, no! You’ve been tricked and the bad guys know your OTP (One Time Password) Code! Is this the end? Of course not! While it is true we have used OTP for verifying in the past, now Gojek has no longer used OTP and replaced it with a login link. To strengthen the security of your account, here at Gojek, we doubled the security. We’ve added a second verification step that will require you to input another code called a Security Code

Why would you need it, you may ask? The answer is because bad guys will probably lock you out of your account and do some of the following:

Therefore, Two-Factor Authentication can help keep bad guys out from accessing your account. 

How to Login from a New Device with Multi-Factor Authentication

Along with the launch of the Multi-Factor Authentication, there is a new policy that you must pay attention to. Starting last year, you are only allowed to log in on one mobile device at a time. This policy was enforced to secure and protect your Gojek account.

For those of you who want to log in from a new mobile device, below are the steps to help you login from a new device using the new 2-step verification security feature: 

  1. Open the Gojek application on your new device and click login
  2. Enter the mobile number registered with your Gojek account
  3. Click the login link that Gojek sent to you
  4. After clicking the login link, there will be a message notifying you that there is a login attempt on your account from a new device. You can choose to accept/reject the login attempt:
    • If you reject the login attempt shown in your previously logged-in device, the new device will not able to log in,
    • If you accept the login attempt shown in your previously logged-in device, you’ll receive a Security Code 
    • If you don't have your old phone you can validate with email instead (security code will be sent to your verified email address registered)
  5. Enter the Security Code shown on your registered email in your new device
  6. You have successfully logged into your Gojek account on your new mobile device!

With this latest technological innovation, Gojek is always working hard to ensure your personal data is secure and your GoPay wallet is safe. Remember never share any of your login link and Security Code with anyone! Gojek will never ask for your login link and Security Code.

For more information about suspicious activities and what actions you can take, click on the button below.