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Your Gojek Account is More Secure with Smart Login Feature

Your Gojek Account is More Secure with Smart Login Feature
Gojek · 7 Sep 2020

Hi Gojekers,

Apart from continuing to be committed to providing various services that are ready to make everyday life easier, Gojek also strives for your security. To avoid the threat of irresponsible parties hijacking your Gojek account, we introduce you; smart login feature.

Smart login feature is the safest method ready to protect your Gojek account. This feature makes use of the identity or physiological characteristics of each user which consists of fingerprints to verify login attempts to your Gojek account.

If previously you had to enter the OTP code, now you only need your fingerprint to log into your Gojek app. So, you don't need to worry about bad guys attempting to hijack your account.

Update your Gojek app to the latest version to activate the smart login feature now!

How to enable Smart Login feature:

from the Gojek Home page:

  1. Open your Gojek app. 
  2. Click on your profile picture icon and go to user settings.
  3. Enable ‘Smart Login’ under the account section.
  4. You need to scan your face or fingerprint to confirm the changes in your settings.
  5. Smart login feature is enabled for you! If you wish to disable it, you can do it from this page.
  6. Congratulations ~ Your Gojek account  is more secure with the Smart login feature 

Protecting your account is easy with our smart login feature. Update your Gojek application and try the smart login feature now!