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Comfortable for Larger Group with GoCar XL

Comfortable for Larger Group with GoCar XL
GoCar / 7 Sep 2023

Often confused about which mode of transportation to choose when going in a group? Or do you have a lot of luggage and need a vehicle with a large capacity? Well, no need to be worried anymore. Now, you can go anywhere comfortably and economically with the available GO-CAR XL, for Extra Large!

Why is it more economical? Because by using the GoCar XL with its large capacity, you can transport up to 6 people at once, get extra spacious, and conveniently carry all your belongings in one trip! Isn't that great?

How to order GoCar XL:

  1. Open the Gojek application and select the GoCar service
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Choose the option to use GoCar XL
  4. Click "Order" and wait for your GoCar XL to arrive!

Going with family or friends has become more convenient and enjoyable anytime. Try riding GoCar XL now!

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