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Pay Your Toll and Parking without The Hassle

Pay Your Toll and Parking without The Hassle
GoCar / 6 Jan 2021

Hi Gojekers, 

Have you ever got in the condition where you forgot to bring your toll card and let the driver pay it first during your trip? Or maybe when being picked up there’s a cost for parking but you don’t have any cash on hand? If so, you don't need to worry. Now, all of your toll and parking fee is entirely cashless and makes your trip much more practical! 

How to experience this cashless toll and parking payment? It’s simple, all you have to do is tell the drivers to charge your parking and/or tolls fees directly to your trip with GoPay, PayLater, LinkAja, and Debit / Credit Cards payment method. Before completing the trip, your driver will automatically deduct toll and parking fees directly from their application. At the end of the trip, you will get all the payment details which cover toll or parking fees.

This feature is currently available across all Indonesia for GoCar and GoCar L services. 

If you have an insufficient balance on your digital wallet, your toll and parking fees can still be paid. However, you must pay this outstanding balance on your next trip using your GoPay / PayLater / LinkAja / Debit / Credit Card balance. It is important to note, if you haven’t resolved the outstanding balance from the previous trip then you cannot make new GoCar and GoCar L booking. 

Toll and Parking fee FAQ:

  1. If my GoPay balance is insufficient, can I still pay my toll and parking fees cashless?
    • It’s possible, but the outstanding balance should be paid before you start your new trip with the available digital payment in GoCar
  2. Why couldn't I request to pay toll and parking fees for GoCar if I got a Bluebird driver?
    • For now, toll and parking fees feature are only available for our GoCar drivers.
  3. Why can't I book GoCar or GoCar L after my previous trip that used toll and parking fees payment? 
    • You might have an outstanding balance that needs to be paid first before ordering another trip. 

With the new Toll and parking fees feature in GoCar and GoCar L, your trip is way more practical and minimizes direct contact. #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to make your trip much more convenient.