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The premium Feature for Gojek rides with SafeTrip+

The premium Feature for Gojek rides with SafeTrip+
Gojek News / 23 Mar 2023

From 6 December 2022, you’ll be able to opt in to for every ride you take on Gojek. This premium feature will include: 

  • On-time guarantee: 20,000 VND GoRide voucher if your pick-up’s delayed by 10 minutes
  • Complimentary death and permanent disability coverage of up to VND 500,000,000 with death cover capped at VND 500,000
  • Complimentary coverage for medical expenses for up to VND 20,000,000

How SafeTrip+works 

  • Opt-in to SafeTrip+ (you’ll only need to do it once for all upcoming rides)
  • An additional 2,000 VND will be added for every Gojek ride you take
  • Enjoy additional coverage for your trip!


  • On-time guarantee vouchers will be automatically sent to customers whose pick-ups have been delayed by 10 minutes
  • On-time guarantee vouchers will not apply to customers who have edited their pick-up locations
  • On-time guarantee vouchers must be used within 3 months from the date of issue
  • The on-time guarantee voucher will only be issued once the trip is completed


1. What rides are eligible for SafeTrip+?

GoCar, GoCar XL, and GoRide are eligible for SafeTrip+ coverage.

2. Who gets covered for SafeTrip+?

SafeTrip+ has to be activated before booking your Gojek ride & car. Once you’ve opted in, you and your accompanying passenger(s) are all covered with SafeTrip+ as long as you’re sharing the same ride. 

3. Where do I see my SafeTrip+ status?

To see whether your SafeTrip+ coverage has been activated, you’ll need to tap on the shield icon while on the booking screen.