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How to recover your Gojek account

How to recover your Gojek account
Merchant partners / 26 Aug 2021

Hi Gojekers,

In some cases, you get a new phone number or your registered phone number is lost or inactive. Don’t worry! You can still access your pre-existed Gojek account via Gojek's account recovery feature. Account recovery enables you to access your account hassle-free, with just entering an OTP code that is sent to your verified email address.

To guarantee your account security, go to your Gojek profile account, check your email address, and make sure you have verified the email address you used.

  1. Open Gojek app and click “Login” button
  2. Click “Issue with Number” button
  3. Enter old phone number that you remembered
  4. Check your email, you should have OTP code sent from Gojek
  5. Back to Gojek app, enter OTP code
  6. Update your phone number
  7. Verify your phone number by clicking “Continue” button
  8. Click “Proceed to login”
  9. You’ll be directed to the Login screen, enter your new phone number and proceed to login

In case you have forgotten the registered email address or didn’t have a verified email address, please contact Gojek customer service via hotline 1900636252 or email carevn@gojek.com for further assistance.

Best regards,

Gojek Vietnam.