🏆 Thank you for being a 5-star customer!
🏆 Thank you for being a 5-star customer!
01 Nov 2019

Thank you for supporting GOJEK – we couldn’t have come so far without you! 

Here are some useful features and pro-tips that will come in handy: 

Use the Edit Destination feature if you want to be dropped off elsewhere. Edits can only be made after pickup, and only one edit is allowed. Your fares will be automatically adjusted based on distance, but remains the same if your new destination is closer than your original drop-off point.

GOCAR vehicles can only accommodate 4 adult passengers for now – and our drivers might not have child car seats. If you’re travelling in a group or with children below 1.35m, please choose alternate modes of transport.

We’re working hard to bring you more services – keep your eyes peeled!

Our drivers are affected by cancellations and long wait times. Make sure to book a ride only when you’re good to go.

Contact Customer Care at +65 3135 3135 and we’ll help you out! While we will do our best to reach out, neither GOJEK nor our driver-partners are responsible for any loss or damage to any item left in the vehicle, nor its immediate return.

Don’t forget to leave us a feedback via our in-app help, and happy GOing! We’re excited to bring you to many more places.

More info on our FAQ page.