Toa Payoh: a guide by Gojek
Toa Payoh: a guide by Gojek
23 Feb 2024

As one of the oldest estates in Singapore, it goes without saying that Toa Payoh is home to the most quintessential of the country: local food, the first MRT station, iconic playgrounds, garden-city parks, and more. This guide lets you in on the best of Toa Payoh.

Image from: hungrygowhere

Eat: Peck Hwan Eating House Porridge

Where: 75 Lor 5 Toa Payoh

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a bowl of warm porridge for when the weather calls for it – Peck Hwan’s ones come with wallet-friendly dishes that include braised pork belly, meat balls, and a deceptively-simple signature white cabbage dish that actually packs quite a punch.

Image from: The Finder

Play: Dinosaur Playground

Where: 27 Toa Payoh E, Block 27

Less known than its nostalgic dragon cousin (you know which one) that’s been romanticized to death (you definitely know which one) lies the dinosaur playground at Kim Keat Avenue. This one comes with a 3-meter tall t-rex with her babies.

Image from: HDB

See:  My Nice Home Gallery

Where: HDB Hub

Signing up for a new home? Where best to get realistic design inspiration from than the very board that handles your housing? This gallery houses everything from a 2-room to 5-room layout for you and beau to explore.

Image from: Toapayohshoppingmall.com

Shop:  Toa Payoh Shopping Mall

A mix of the HDB hub and its neighboring shop houses, the complex has no less than a dozen hair salons, bargain clothing options; goldsmiths, and literally every other thing you’d need without having to travel out of the heartlands. 

Image from: NParks

Explore:  Toa Payoh Town Park

Where: Junction of Toa Payoh Lor 2 & 6

Toa Payoh is a busy, busy town. Run away from it all in its own Town Park, which is fully-equipped with gazebos, willow trees, a tranquil pond, and even an observation tower.

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