Gojek recommends: homegrown brands
Gojek recommends: homegrown brands
16 Aug 2022

SG’s turned 57! What better way to celebrate this birthday than by looking at some of the island’s best brands, from some of the most talented born-and-bred Singaporean teams? Check out our list of local brand recommendations to help you kick off your #GoLocal journey. 

Image from: etch + ekho

etch + ekho

People make Singapore, and so do their pets. (TW: terrible pun incoming.) Singapawrents, order customized matching accessories for your animal bestie here! Choose from necklaces, bracelets, and pet tags — all of which come with a free engraving of your pet. Just send the etch + ekho team a picture and you’re good to go!

Image from: Batikrolls by Nura

Batikrolls by Nura

Get cakes that instantly bring out the heart eyes in your guests. These deliciously, delicately layered cakes are art and food at the same time. Batikrolls by Nura also provides other bakes, like brownies and tarts – all halal too!

Image from: F.EAST

F.EAST Chips 

Who would’ve thought of having chicken rice as potato chips? What about laksa? Rendang? Egg prata with curry? Name it, and F.EAST Chips has it.

Images from: Peachier Studios

Peachier Studios 

Get handmade accessories from a studio that’s extra – in all the good ways. Croissants on your ears? Yes please. Croissants on your neck? Yes please. There are also face masks to keep you safe from The Nasty Virus that Shall Not Be Named.

Images from: anotherkynd


Get totes, jewelry, and other accessories, all in one store. anotherkynd’s collection is always on-trend and oh-so-classy, which makes it a great place to shop for a revolving closet. Bonus: it’s not just fashion – if you like candles, you can customize your own here.

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