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Earnings with Gojek made better

Looking for big earnings while having a flexible schedule? You've come to the right place! 

Why drive with Gojek? 

Enjoy greater flexibility 

Our point payout incentive scheme features daily targets for you to achieve. Missed driving for a day? Not to worry! A brand new day awaits for you to strive for your goals without the stress of weekly targets. 

Enjoy competitive earnings

Fret not if you don’t shine bright like a diamond. You get equal opportunities for maximum earnings with daily point payouts and Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs) that give you up to $12,980 in a month. 

1) Point payouts (Daily trips)

Achieve these tiers to earn $165 daily on top of your fares.

Want to earn more? Chase the points in our pro tier to earn $205 daily on top of your fares!

2) Minimum Weekly Earnings (Weekly trips)

Earn at least $18 per trip with Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs)!

MWEs work as a top-up if your nett fares and points do not meet this amount. This means you will earn the stated amounts as long as you complete your targeted number of trips, and achieve a minimum of 80% in weekly performance average – we will simply credit your Earnings Wallet with the difference.

Top-ups for MWEs are after your fares and point payouts have been taken into account, subjected to a 20% service fee.

How MWE top-ups are calculated

(MWEs - 20% service fee) - your nett fares - your point-payouts - any incentives earned from flash incentives

Stand to earn $10,880 in a month when you complete 160 trips a week consecutively for 4 weeks!

Want to earn more? Complete our pro tier to earn $3,245 weekly – that’s $12,980 in a month.

Our incentives work for all driver-partners

For example:

A) A driver-partner earns with MWEs while driving in his free time

Mr Teo drives with Gojek in his spare time, a few hours a day. He’s completed 50 trips in a week with an average of 80% in performance. This is what Mr Teo has earned:

As such, he is qualified for MWEs of $850. His earnings from his nett fares and point-payouts are $567. Hence, he will receive the following MWE top-up: $850-20% service fee) - $447 - $120 = $113.

B) A driver-partner drives for a living and earns more than the MWEs

Mr Chan drives with Gojek to earn a living. He’s completed 181 trips and has earned $2,923 in nett fares and point-payouts. With a weekly average of at least 80% in performance, this is what Mr Teo has achieved:

Mr Chan has achieved the trip requirements for $3,245 in MWEs – a nett of $2,596 after service fees. However, as his nett earnings have exceeded this amount, he will not be topped up.


  • Points are accumulated from 1AM–12:59AM (24 hours).
  • Point payouts are not subjected to service fees.
  • Maintain at least 80% in performance to be eligible for daily point payouts and MWEs.
  • The points awarded are as follows:
DayTimePoints (Within city center)Points (Outside city center)
Mon–Thu (AM peak)7AM–9:59AM22
Mon–Thu (PM peak)5PM–7:59AM1.5 1
Fri (AM peak)8AM–9:59AM22
Fri (PM peak)5PM–11:59PM1.51
Sat–Sun (AM peak)
Sat–Sun (PM peak)5PM–11:59PM1.51.5

  • For reference, click here for a map of the city center. 
  • Trips to/from Changi Airport earn you an additional 0.5 points.
  • Top-ups for MWEs will be made on Tuesdays the following week.
  • Top-ups for MWE are subject to a 20% service fee.
  • Top-ups for MWEs are after your fares, flash incentives, and point-payouts have been taken into account.
  • Tolls are not included as part of MWE calculations.
  • The week begins at 1AM on Monday, to 12:59AM of the following Monday.

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