Important updates from 21 Oct: all you need to know
Important updates from 21 Oct: all you need to know
01 Nov 2019

At Gojek, we value all our driver-partners and we’re constantly reviewing how we can help you earn better on our platform. Based on your feedback and an overall assessment of driver-partners’ driving patterns, we bring you updates that will take effect from 21 October 2019

These changes are also part of our efforts to remain sustainable and competitive through regular market evaluations. 

What will change?

(1) Updated points system

(2) Updated Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs) 

(3) Updated GoFleet incentives 

(4) Updated GoalBetter qualifications

Here's a summary: 

Read on for more details: 

1) Updated points system

We heard you! Our revised point system ensures that you get rewarded for trips that require more effort, such as long distance trips or driving during peak hours. What’s more, you will also get more points for weekend trips.

What’s new?

  • AM peak hours now start at 6AM (previously 7AM) 
  • No more weekend AM/PM peak hours
  • Earn more points for:
    • Peak hour trips
    • Weekend trips
    • Long distance trips more than or equal to 15KM

How will this affect your daily point payouts? 

You can still earn from points – simply achieve these points below and maintain a daily performance requirement of 80% to earn up to $200 on top of your fares daily!

2) Updated minimum weekly earnings (MWEs)

Missed a day of driving? Not to worry! With MWEs, your earnings are protected. Simply get back on the road and hit the points and performance requirements and you will get to enjoy up to $1,850 for the week.  

What’s new? 

  • Eligibility for MWEs is now based on weekly accumulated points (previously trips)
  • Maintain a minimum weekly performance average of 90% (previously 80%)

MWEs work as a top-up if your nett fares and other incentives do not meet this amount. This means that you will earn these amounts as long as you complete the targeted number of points, and maintain a minimum of 90% in weekly performance average. We will credit your Earnings Wallet with any difference the following Tuesday. 

Note: Top-ups for MWEs are after your fares and other incentives have been taken into account, along with a 20% service fee.

For more information on Gojek’s daily incentives, click here.

3) Updated GoFleet incentives 

You asked, we listened. There is now no limit to how much you can earn with us. Simply complete more trips and you will be rewarded for your efforts! 

What’s new? 

  • GoFleet’s incentive eligibility is now based on weekly accumulated trips (previously points) 
  • Earn an extra % of your total gross fares based on trip completion (excluding 20% service fee and other incentives) 
  • Maintain a minimum weekly performance average of 90% (previously 80%)
*Note: Additional incentive % of total gross fares is valid for a limited time only, subject to change with a minimum of 1 week’s notice.

For more info on GoFleet’s incentive program, click here.

4) Updated GoalBetter qualifications

What’s new?

  • Qualification for GoalBetter’s next cycle is based on accumulated trips (previously points), from 23 Sep, 1AM–23 Dec, 1AM
  • A one-time bonus of 20 trips will be awarded to eligible GoalBetter driver-partners from 23 Sep, 1AM–14 Oct, 1AM

Note: If you’ve driven between 23 Sep, 1AM–14 Oct, 1AM, the total number of trips you’ve completed will count towards the next GoalBetter cycle. 

For more info, visit our GoalBetter page here.