Gojek’s step-by-step guide to getting vaccinated
Gojek’s step-by-step guide to getting vaccinated
15 Jun 2021

The lockdown is easing again, you’re excited for a new(er) normal, and you’re ready to get your shots. Fold your sleeves up, keep calm, and read on: Gojek’s here to help you every step of the way, easy-peasy!

Register here

Or go to your nearest community center/club to get assistance. If you already have gotten a code sent to you via SMS, book your appointment here.

Dress for the occasion

It’s time! Make sure to wear a short-sleeved top or loose clothes so the needle can get to where it should go.

Book a Gojek (it’s free)!

Once you’ve gotten an appointment, you are eligible for free Gojek rides to/from your assigned vaccination center. The voucher (capped at $15) will be automatically applied, or you can find it under the voucher section of your menu in the app. 

Make sure to bring your NRIC too!

Get jabbed

This won’t hurt as much as you think it will, we promise.

Stay for a while

After your first jab, you’ll have to stick around for 30 minutes for observation, just in case of serious negative reactions. Tip: bring a book or pre-download an episode of your favorite show to pass the time.

Head home

If all goes well, you can call another Gojek to get home – this ride’s covered too! Side effects may occur, so it’s best to rest up before getting back to business. 

That’s it – it’s that easy! All you need to do is head back to the same center for your second jab, on your appointment date. Ready to go?