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Gojek x Deliveroo: rewards for riding and eating!

Unlock discounts for your rides and bites with Gojek and Deliveroo! From 1 November 2023–31 Jan 2024, here’s what you can get on both apps:

Take 4 Gojek rides every month to qualify. Psst: these vouchers are limited to 140,000 redemptions monthly.

Make sure to turn your push notifications on – we’ll let you know how many rides you’ve taken / how many more you should take!

All Deliveroo Plus members get 2x 20% off Gojek vouchers every month (capped at $3)! Limited to 48,000 vouchers monthly. 

1. Deliveroo Plus members will get a unique voucher code containing 2x 20% off Gojek vouchers by the first 5 working days of the month – via your Deliveroo-registered email address and/or in-app pop-up banner. If you wish to receive the vouchers through your Deliveroo-registered email address, please turn on your email notifications under Contact preferences in your account.

2. Open your Gojek App and go to the promo page.

3. Enroll the voucher code within 2 months in the Gojek App.

4. Once redeemed, the vouchers must be used within 30 days after enrollment.

5. New Deliveroo Plus members signing up after the 1st of the month will receive their Gojek vouchers the following month.

Enjoy unlimited free delivery on all orders with Deliveroo Plus! 

Sign up now for a 30-day free trial. 

*The 30-day free trial is valid for new-to-Deliveroo Plus customers only, till 30 Nov 2023. Min. order and service fees apply.

Purchase bundled voucher packs for ride-hailing and food delivery from as low as $7.90 on the Gojek app.

Lite pack: $7.90 | What you’ll get

  • Up to 34% in savings
  • 2x $3 Gojek vouchers
  • 2x $3 Deliveroo vouchers

Standard pack: $19.90 | What you’ll get

  • Up to 23% in savings
  • 2x $3 Gojek vouchers
  • $20 in Deliveroo credits

How to use the vouchers

Go to Promos > Vouchers > Locate your vouchers

For Gojek Vouchers :

1. Click on USE below – we'll bring you to the trip request page.

2. Enter your destination and pickup point.

3. The voucher will automatically apply to your fare!

For Deliveroo Vouchers :

  1. Click on Use Voucher on the Gojek app within 30 days of your purchase of this voucher pack below.
  2. Slide to obtain your Deliveroo voucher code.
  3. Copy the unique Deliveroo voucher code shown on the screen.
  4. Log in to your Deliveroo account on the mobile app.
  5. Tap on the Account icon on the top right corner of the homepage.
  6. Select Vouchers and Credit.
  7. Enter your unique Deliveroo voucher code (provided in the Gojek app) in the voucher code field.
  8. The voucher will be applied to your next applicable order, limited to 1 voucher per order.

Get discounted rides and bites with voucher packs from just $80 on Shopback. You’ll also get up to 8.5% Cashback!

$80 bundle | What you’ll get

  • $50 Deliveroo voucher
  • 3x $10 Gojek vouchers

$150 bundle | What you’ll get

  • 2x $50 Deliveroo vouchers
  • 2x $15 Gojek vouchers
  • 2x $10 Gojek vouchers

$210 bundle | What you’ll get

  • 3x $50 Deliveroo vouchers
  • 2x $15 Gojek vouchers
  • 3x $10 Gojek vouchers

Psst... open the link below on your mobile!

*Limited to first 1,000 redemptions. Other T&Cs apply.

*Valid until 31 July 2024 with min. $15 spend. Limited to first 1,000 redemptions. Other T&Cs apply.

For a full list of Gojek x Deliveroo - Terms & Conditions, click here.

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