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Referring 101: how to invite friends and earn rides for less

Got a friend who hasn’t tried the wonderful efficiency of Gojek rides? You’re both in luck! For every friend you invite onto the platform, you’ll get a $3 ride voucher yourself.

How it works

  1. Copy your referral code under My Accounts > Invite and Earn
  2. Share your referral code with a friend
  3. Get your friend to sign up with your referral code
  4. When your friend takes their first ride…
  5. … you get the voucher in your Promos tab!

Refer 5 friends for $15 in ride vouchers – you’re welcome to invite more, of course, but only your first 5 referrals will be rewarded. 

Help spread the goodness of Gojek!

FAQs (referrers)

Can anyone using Gojek make a referral?

At the moment, only selected customers on the platform can refer and/or earn referral vouchers. Check your “Invite and Earn” tab to see if you’re eligible!

My friend has already signed up. Why have I not received my voucher?

Not to worry! The referral voucher will be issued once your friend has completed their first trip.

Does my friend need to use the referral voucher for me to be entitled to receive it?

As long as your friend has completed their first trip – with or without the use of the referral voucher given to them –, you’ll receive yours too.

My friend has signed up and entered the promo code. Why have I not received my voucher?

Your friend will need to complete their first trip before the date stated in the voucher. Then, the referral voucher will be issued to your account. You’ll be able to find it under Vouchers in your in-app menu.

If your friend has already completed their first trip, it is possible that your voucher has already expired. Note that your reward is valid only for use for 14 days from when your friend has completed their first ride. You will no longer be able to see expired vouchers on your app.

Will I be notified when my friend completes a trip and a voucher is issued to me?
Unfortunately there will not be any notification, but you can check directly with your friend to know when they have completed a trip. Alternatively, check in regularly on your voucher tab for any promos!

I am ready to invite my friend. Where do I find my referral code?

We’re glad you’re sharing the love! From your home screen, tap the Menu icon (it’s the circle on the left) > My Account > Invite and Earn.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?

Not at all. You’re free to refer as many friends as you’d like, but you will only be rewarded for the first 5 friends who have used your referral code.

My friend signed up with a foreign phone number. He has yet to receive the voucher.

Unfortunately, only new customers with a Singapore phone number (+65) will be able to receive and enjoy these vouchers. 

FAQs (referrals)

I received a referral code from my friend but forgot to key it in when signing up. Can I still get the voucher?

Unfortunately, we’re only able to issue vouchers for new accounts with the referral codes entered upon sign-up. 

I don’t see a discount applied on my first trip.

Check if your voucher has been issued – all you need to do is look under Promos > Vouchers in the in-app menu. This may take some time. 

If there is a voucher in your account, feel free to tap on Use once you’re ready to go!

I still can’t find my voucher.
If you’ve already taken your first ride, your voucher may have already been automatically applied on those fares. Otherwise, it might also have expired – this voucher is for use only for 14 days after sign-up.

Note that vouchers are also issued only for customers with a Singapore phone number (+65).

Can I still enjoy the other promotions if I use my friend’s referral code? 

Yes! You can still enjoy other promos and/or vouchers from Gojek – although you can’t use more than one for a single trip.

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