News · 22 Jun 2023

Creating better experiences on the Gojek app

We’re making changes to some fees from 3 July 2023. This is to ensure Gojek drivers are fairly compensated for their time on the road, and also supports our efforts to continue improving and maintaining our products and services – so you can continue getting a ride when you need to.

Platform fees will now follow a tiered structure based on factors including distance travelled and duration, which means your rides may range from $0.10 less to $0.30 more per trip. We believe this structure more accurately reflects the range of trips people take on our platform, and helps to ensure prices remain fair and competitive for both passengers and driver-partners. The final amount will be reflected in your Gojek receipt, as usual.

Trip start fares on GoCar Premium, GoCar XL, and GoCar XL Kids are as follows:

GoCar XL, GoCar XL Kids: + $0.30

GoCar Premium: + $0.45*

* Trip start fare for GoCar Premium trips between 12AM–-5:59AM will increase by $6.45 per trip. This brings us closer in line with the surcharges charged by other ride-hailing platforms and will ensure our drivers are fairly compensated during this time.

Driver fees will be further extended, remaining in place until 30 June 2024. A flat fee of $0.50 applies for trips below 10km, and $0.80 for trips 10km and above. Gojek drivers fully earn and benefit from these driver fees – no part of it goes to us.

As always, we’re committed to providing rides at competitive fares for you. Gojek promos provide great savings for your rides, so be sure to keep your eyes open before making a booking!

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