Gojek introduces new features to make rides even safer
Gojek introduces new features to make rides even safer
23 Feb 2024

2 Sep 2020 - Gojek Singapore today unveiled a host of new ride-hailing features that will create even safer rides for commuters and drivers, as ridership continues to increase in line with Singapore’s gradual reopening. 

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “Our job in creating the most secure and safe environment for our users will never be done, but I believe that our latest slew of safety measures - which commuters can see in action before and during their journeys - will grant them greater peace of mind and a more rewarding ride-hailing experience.”

Feedback cards 

Commuters now have an easy way to report feedback to Gojek while on a trip, as opposed to only after the ride has ended. By tapping on any of the brightly-coloured feedback cards at the bottom of the booking screen, users can proactively tell us how their commute is going in real time: whether they are enjoying the company of a friendly driver or if their pick-up point can be better positioned on the map. From research, we found that customers are more likely to share feedback if they can effortlessly do it in the course of their ride, and such feedback is the most authentic, and therefore, valuable to us. 

Safety Pledge 

This shows a list of key precautions that commuters must take when using Gojek’s ride-hailing service, such as wearing a mask at all times. Customers will be shown the Pledge when they make a booking, to remind them of the safety precautions. Only by accepting the Pledge - through tapping the ‘I Accept’ button - will users be able to complete their booking and future orders.

Safe Trip Kit 

This is a handy button on the Gojek app that reassures commuters of their safety and security while on a Gojek ride. When tapped, the button will reveal a drop-down menu of several safety functions, including an option for users to share their trip with loved ones - which allows for real-time tracking of their journeys - and a handbook with detailed information on how Gojek rides are kept safe and sanitary. New functions will be added to the Kit as we continue to enhance safety in the Gojek experience. 

Safer logins 

Users will soon be able to log in to their Gojek accounts using device-based authentication (such as facial recognition or fingerprint identification) or Magic Link (an authentication URL used to verify the user’s device). Compared to current authentication means, both are highly secure login methods that will reduce the risk of account takeovers and better protect the security of a user’s account.

Ongoing safety measures 

We continue to equip our driver-partners with masks, wet wipes and hand sanitizers to create a safe ride environment. To safeguard commuters, we actively encourage the use of cashless methods - such as DBS PayLah! or credit cards - to pay for trips. Already, we saw a marked, year-on-year increase in the use of digital payments among Gojek customers in the first half of 2020. We also provide peace of mind to customers through number masking, which ensures that users’ phone numbers are kept private at all times, and by rendering service support in the case of incidents, such as lost-and-found or disputes.

Gojek is committed to making safety core to our operations, and will continue to look at fresh ways to enhance the user experience.

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