News · 28 Sep 2021

Enhanced COVID-19 measures: what you need to know about travelling together

With enhanced safe management measures that has kicked in on Monday (27 September), please be assured that we’re still here to get you to all the places you’ll have to be, safely.

To ensure the health and safety of everyone on the Gojek platform, make sure that you’re only travelling in groups of 2 any time you book a GoCar or GoTaxi ride.

Not to worry! If you are travelling with family from within the same household (e.g. bringing elderly parents and/or children about), you can still call for a Gojek ride. Let your driver know via chat once your booking has been accepted.

Driver-partners may ask to verify if all passengers are from the same household, and may cancel the trip if they are in doubt.


Does the driver count as part of the 2-person limit?

No. You’re free to travel with one additional passenger besides yourself. 

What if I’m travelling with my colleagues? 

Colleagues will have to travel in groups of 2 unless they are from the same household.

Will cancellation fees be imposed on me if the driver cancels? 

Please note that our usual cancellation policy applies for all trips. If a driver cancels 5 minutes after arriving at the pickup point, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

For more information on LTA guidelines, please read here

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