Gojek celebrates its 2nd anniversary in Singapore with a meaningful twist
Gojek celebrates its 2nd anniversary in Singapore with a meaningful twist
23 Feb 2024

SINGAPORE, November 10, 2020: Gojek, which celebrates its second anniversary in Singapore this November, will mark the occasion with a meaningful twist. It has partnered with a virtual fun run to champion a Gojek driver-partner’s passion project, and at the same time, support an organisation to train seniors in digital skills. This is in line with the company’s commitment to stand side-by-side with its ecosystem of drivers and customers. 

As many as 300 Gojek employees, drivers and customers will partake in Chipsley’s Virtual Run*, a fun run themed around a seal cartoon designed by Gojek driver-partner, Benny Tay (pictured). 

For every kilometre clocked by a Gojek participant in the race, Gojek will donate $1 to RSVP Singapore** to support the empowerment of seniors as volunteers and improve the digital literacy of seniors in the community. This is part of Gojek’s goal to provide the elderly with easier access to ride-hailing, as it offers a safer and more comfortable point-to-point transport solution, compared to the more communal modes of transport. Gojek will also contribute ride vouchers to all participants of the virtual run.

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “At Gojek, our driver-partners’ success is vital to our success. We are excited and proud to support their side endeavours or passions, while they leverage our platform for supplemental earnings. This speaks to the key benefits offered by ride-hailing: flexibility and a means to supplement their other interests, be it studies, sports or starting their own business.”

Mr Tay, who has been driving with Gojek since 2018, created the Chipsleys – a cartoon family of seals – out of his own passion for design and his wife's love of adorable animals and characters. Since their founding in 2013, the Chipsleys have gained popularity in Singapore with over one million fans on their Facebook page, as well as a Chipsley-themed section in Snow City Singapore, comprising majestic snow sculptures of Chipsley and family. 

Mr Tay says: “I created Chipsley to spread love and warmth among family and friends, which has become much needed during this period, and to encourage work-life balance. Chipsley believes that while we work hard, we must also set aside time to let loose and have fun. Chipsley’s Virtual Run will allow runners to enjoy bonding time outside of work. I’m grateful to Gojek for their support - they truly are a company that cares for its people.”

In addition, as part of Gojek’s second-anniversary celebrations, Gojek has designed a special logo that is a play on the company’s corporate logo. Coloured with the same bright green shade and shaped in the number 2, the logo symbolises Gojek’s growth and continued commitment to Singapore. In the next few weeks, the company will launch a series of initiatives for its drivers and customers around the theme To every mile with you. It is centred on Gojek’s desire to honour each and every one of its driver-partners, customers and partners, and to thank them for their support in the past challenging year. It also celebrates all the journeys that have been taken with Gojek, as well as the new ones to come. 

Mr Lien notes: “Aligned to what has been an extraordinary year, we wanted to mark our anniversary in a way that would be sensitive to the current conditions and still boost camaraderie amongst our stakeholders. Chipsley’s Virtual Run allows our employees, drivers and customers to stay active together, in a safe and responsible manner. Moreover, a number of Gojek vehicles - specially wrapped in our second-anniversary stickers - will be hitting the roads, adding to the festivities while continuing to keep the nation moving safely.”

* Organised by Pink Apple, Chipsley’s Virtual Run allows participants to sign up and complete the run from any location they choose, while wearing a fitness gadget. After the run, their times will be recorded online.

** RSVP is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998 that provides volunteering opportunities such as befriending, guiding and training for their senior volunteers. With 2,500 regular and episodic volunteers, they serve over 200,000 beneficiaries each year including the mentally disadvantaged, at-risk primary school children from low-income families, and socially-isolated seniors, through their various community service programmes.

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