Celebrating two years of Gojek in Singapore!
Celebrating two years of Gojek in Singapore!
23 Feb 2024

Time flies when you’re really having fun – today, Gojek turns two in Singapore and we couldn’t have done it without everyone on our platform! Let’s take a look at what we’ve achieved together:

Over the next few weeks, we’re celebrating with all the people that have helped us come this far: our partners, driver-partners, and of course, you. As we prepare to share many more miles with you, here’s everything you can look forward to while we mark this precious milestone: 

Our inaugural Rider Awards recognizes the greatest of Gojek supporters in the community! Tune in to see whether you’ve won Top Rider, or if your many trips to the mall pay for themselves. 

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Anytime you book for a Gojek and pay with DBS PayLah! through to the end of the year, you’ll get $2 cashback with your ride – no promo codes necessary! T&Cs apply

Note: all cashback promotions have been fully redeemed as of 10 December – thank you for your support!

Psst – know what else you can do with the DBS PayLah! app? Click here to find out.

A brainchild of our driver Benny Tay, Chipsley’s Virtual Run is organized by Pink Apple and can be completed anytime, anywhere. Gojek customers enjoy 20% off participation fees! Limited redemptions, so fastest fingers first! T&Cs apply.

For every kilometer completed on Chipsley’s Virtual Run,  we will be donating $1 to RSVP Singapore, which empowers seniors to volunteer and help out with the mentally disadvantaged, at-risk children, and more.

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Bonus: spot our birthday cars

Spot any one of Gojek’s cars covered in our birthday decals and you will find  a special treat from us! 

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