Gojek’s 2Y anniversary: 20% off Chipsley’s Virtual Run for a good cause!
Gojek’s 2Y anniversary: 20% off Chipsley’s Virtual Run for a good cause!
23 Feb 2024

Driver-partners make up a huge part of what makes Gojek work – they’re the ones keeping the cities we’re in going and getting people to where they need to be in a shorter time. This year on our birthday, we’ll be supporting our driver, Benny Tay, who will be hosting Chipsley’s Virtual Run with Pink Apple!

In the spirit of staying interconnected through these tough times, Chipsley’s Virtual Run invites participants to achieve going through a certain distance anytime, anywhere. Jogging on the spot in your bedroom, clocking in some time on the treadmill, heading to the park with your family – all of these will count, as long as you complete the run before 6 January 2021. 

For every 1KM completed by a Gojek customer, we’re donating $1 to RSVP Singapore, which empowers seniors to be volunteers to help out with the mentally disadvantaged, at-risk children, and low-income families, and socially-isolated seniors. 

Entry costs $25 per participant, but Gojek customers (that’s you!) get to sign up at 20% off with the promo code GOJEKCHIPSLEY. Limited redemptions only!

Participants who have completed the run in full will receive the following:

  • Certificate of completion
  • E-badge

You may also stand to receive an 18K gold pendant with Chipsley’s mascot and swarovski crystals.

For more on Chipsley, click here.

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