News · 17 Jan 2023

Updated: cancellation and waiting fees

In case you need to make a cancellation, or are running a little late for your GoCar that’s arrived, here’s what you need to know.

Note: charges for GoCar Premium above are valid from 1 February 2023. 

There are no waiting fees for GoTaxi – the meter will run according to the fares allocated.

When will I be charged a cancellation fee?

You will be charged if you cancel:

  • After 4 minutes from when you’ve been matched to a driver or
  • As soon as your driver arrives at your pick-up location, or
  • If your driver cancels after arriving and waiting for more than 4 minutes

When will I be charged a waiting fee?

You will be charged a $3 waiting fee if:

  • Your driver’s waited more than 4 minutes
  • Another $3 ($5 if you're on GoCar Premium) applies for every 5 additional minutes the driver has to wait for you 

Where will the waiting fee go to?

These waiting fees will fully go to the drivers to compensate for their time – no part of it will go to Gojek. 

You still get to cancel your ride free of charge up to 4 minutes after booking, if your driver isn’t at the pick-up point yet. 

You will not be charged if you cancel:

  • Within 4 minutes from getting matched to a driver, as long as the driver hasn’t arrived or
  • If more than 5 minutes has passed from the initial indicated ETA, and the driver hasn’t arrived at the location

To avoid any waiting fees, make sure to book only when you’re ready to get going, and be at the pick-up location within 4 minutes from when your driver has arrived.


Why have a cancellation or waiting fee?

These fees help ensure a smooth experience for all users on our platform, including drivers! This way, they’re compensated for their time and effort too.

When will these new fees be implemented?

Changes to the cancellation and waiting fees will apply on trips taken from 26 September 2022 onwards.

Can I use vouchers to offset any cancellation or waiting fee?

Unfortunately, no – vouchers cannot be used on cancellation or waiting fees.

How much can I be charged for the waiting fee?

You may be charged up to $9 (or $13 on GoCar Premium) – that’s up to 19 minutes of waiting. Please make sure to ask your driver if they are okay with waiting. If you will be significantly late, we’d suggest cancelling the booking and requesting a trip only when you’re ready to go. 

I’ve been wrongly charged a cancellation/waiting fee.

We’ll take a closer look – Here's how you can request a review:

  1. Launch your Gojek app
  2. Go to Main Menu > Help > Fares & Charges 
  3. For a waiting fee review: select 'I was charged a waiting fee' and fill in the details
  4. For a cancellation fee review: select 'I was charged a cancellation fee' and fill in the details

How will these fees be added to my total fares?

These fares will be calculated and added to your final charge. 

If you’re paying by cash, any outstanding balance from this trip will be automatically included in your fares for the next ride. Your driver will collect this additional amount.

Will my driver get any consequences for cancelling?

Yes – our policies ensure that both parties are treated fairly so the entire Gojek ecosystem runs smoothly. 

In this case, a driver can cancel without penalty only after 4 minutes of waiting at the pick-up point. Drivers also have to maintain a certain number of rides and/or trip completion rate in order to qualify for incentives, so cancellations remain minimized on the platform.

My driver is not moving / taking too long to reach me. Will I be charged if I cancel? 

Make sure to reach out to check with the driver through call / in-app functions. They may have accidentally missed a turn or gotten caught in traffic. Our app is also able to detect if the driver is not moving towards you. In this case, If more than 5 minutes have passed from the initial indicated ETA, and the driver still hasn’t arrived at your pick-up point, you will not be charged for cancelling.

My driver cancelled on me immediately upon reaching. Will I still be charged?

Not to worry – your driver must wait for you for at least 4 minutes at the pick-up point in order to make a cancellation without penalty. You won’t be charged if this happens.

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