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Ask Gojek: Lost & found – how do I get back something I’ve left behind?

If you’ve left something near and dear at the back of a GoCar, here’s how to get your item(s) back. Choose one of the three ways: 

You can do this within 2 hours after you’ve completed a trip, and the chat history will remain available for 24 hours.

  1. From the menu, tap on Account > My Orders > click Chat on the right trip
  2. Wait for the driver to reply – they may be on an ongoing trip, so give them time to get back to you.
  3. Just in case, if you miss the driver’s message, leave your contact details for further communication. Share only the personal information you’re comfortable sharing.

Call the driver (method A)

  1. From the menu, tap on Help & My Tickets > Order Experience > I’ve lost an item
  2. Tap the phone icon under the “Call driver partner” section

Call the driver (method B)

  1. From the menu, tap on My Orders > select the relevant order > Need help > How to contact your driver directly
  2. Tap the phone icon under the “Call driver partner” section

For your privacy, your number will remain masked through both methods A and B.

Note: Number masking may not apply for some international calls

1.Call +65 3135 3136.

After the automated answering machine verifies your information, you will be connected directly to the driver.

2. If the driver doesn’t respond, don't worry. An SMS will be sent to both you and the driver with temporary contact details, so you can get in touch.

  1. Leave us the details of your trip, lost item(s), and contact number here.
  2. Someone from the Gojek team will contact you ASAP!

We strongly encourage you to provide a token of $15 to the driver for their time and effort in returning the item! 

Feel free to also show your appreciation with a cashless tip on the Gojek app.

Note that Gojek will not be held responsible for the condition in which lost items are returned to GoHub. In this case, “lost items” can refer to any forgotten, misplaced, or abandoned item including personal electronic devices, wallets, cash, keys, documents, luggage, etc. 

Perishable items will be disposed of immediately due to health and safety reasons – along with its container. All lost items will be kept for 3 months, then disposed of or donated.

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