News · 3 May 2023

Pro tips: how to be a 5-star passenger on Gojek

Whether you’re new to Gojek or need a refresher, here’s a handy-dandy guide on how to be a 5-star passenger. Hop on board!

Don’t keep the driver waiting and make sure to book a ride only when you’re ready to go – this way, you can also avoid cancellation and waiting fees.

A normal ride can take 4 passengers. Any more, and you’d have to book a GoCar XL. If you’re travelling with kids from ages 4–7 and below 1.35m in height, you’ll need to book a GoCar Kids / GoCar Kids XL. For something fancy, GoCar Premium is the ride for you.

The car is a shared space – make sure to keep it clean for the driver, other passengers, and yourself. 

This goes without saying, of course. You may be suspended for such activities, and any illegal items left in the car will be handed over to the authorities. Psst: this includes vaping and vapes! 

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