Meet our first GOJEK driver-partners
Meet our first GOJEK driver-partners
23 Feb 2024

Clockwise from left: Carolyne Tan owns Animal Kingdom Pet Store. Justin Lam is a father of two, and enjoys the stories from customers he meets daily. Shukor is an experienced private-hire driver with over 5 years in experience, and was a taxi driver before that.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve first entered Singapore, and what a ride it’s been! In this blog, the GOJEK team gets coffee with some of our first driver-partners to find out what it’s like to be on the road, picking up newly-engaged customers, being part of online communities, and everything else in between.

Hello! Why did you start driving with GOJEK?

Carolyne Tan (CT): I just wanted to test out a new platform.

Justin Lam (JL): I was previously in financial insurance, who became a late adopter and joined the private-hire industry to cover driving costs. I got hooked – within the first week I’ve met people from all 7 continents. I love meeting new people and experiencing new things, so I tried GOJEK.

How does a day in your life look like?

CT: I don’t have an exact schedule I stick to, especially because I also run a pet supplies/boarding/transport/therapy service. I’ll run those errands, and then I drive in the later hours of the day.

Shukor bin Jali (SJ): It depends on my kids’ schedule. If they’re on holiday, I can afford to drive after midnight to collect points. Otherwise, I drive according to their time.

What’s your experience with GOJEK like so far?

CT: My first thought was the fares are pretty low, but the incentive more than makes up for it. Given that it’s also one of GOJEK’s first moves into the international market, things may be slow but I think you guys are doing a great job. Customers are also generally pretty nice.

JL: Yup, incentives are good – I was a bit apprehensive, my account was activated really early during BETA. I took it slow, but after fiddling around with the numbers and realised that I could accomplish enough and knock off earlier with GOJEK. BETA is also a good time – generally I find everybody is a lot more forgiving. *laughs*

SJ: Incentives are very, very good now. If it ever decreases I think the fares will eventually increase to cover it.

What do you like the most about driving?

JL: I’m a deep thinker, and I think the car is a sacred space that serves as an amplification for my own headspace. I love welcoming new people into this space and hearing from different perspectives. It’s a very healthy thing for me. I learn from my passengers – everybody has a story, and at any given day it’s like I’m going through 20 stories or so.

CT: Flexibility – as a full-time business owner, I get to choose when and what to prioritise and to earn more cash.

What’s your most memorable ride yet?

SJ: I decorated my car for Christmas. A GOJEK customer was so into it, we spent about 5 minutes taking photos.

CT: I picked up a couple right after they got engaged. It was amazing – I was the first to know outside of the two lovebirds.

Do you have any advice for newcomers driving with GOJEK?

SJ: Get the right car. A hybrid/diesel will suit you well for extensive driving. It is also very important to know that driver-partners work well in teams. Get into a group chat or form one of your own to know what else is happening on the road.

JL: Set targets. Singapore never sleeps – there will always be people all over the island wanting a ride, so it’s important to know when to stop and get proper rest.

CT: Yes – time management is important. Plan out your schedule, decide on your hours, and don’t drive badly. Join driver groups to get updates!

Note: all driver-partners in this blog are members of various group chats. Justin is an admin of a driver-partner chat on Facebook Messenger.

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