News · 12 Jul 2019

In-vehicle recording devices – what you need to know

Did you know? Your private-hire car may now be equipped with in-vehicle recording devices (IVRD). 

What is an IVRD?

The IVRD is an LTA-approved device that records video and audio footages inside a vehicle. These recordings are kept for a maximum of 7 days.

Why does it matter?

These devices have the potential to improve safety and security for all users on the GOJEK platform! Not to worry – only relevant authorities like the Singapore Police Force and LTA will be allowed to access these recordings. 

How will I know if my car has an IVRD?

You will be notified – via automated notifications – as soon as you are paired with a vehicle with an IVRD. 

I don’t want to be recorded.

That’s okay! You’re free to cancel and rebook for another vehicle. 

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