News · 16 May 2019

Introducing number masking for safer rides

What is Number Masking?

As part of our commitment to safety, we have introduced number masking on our platform. This means that when you communicate with your driver via SMS or call, both you and your driver’s actual mobile numbers will be hidden. You will be shown a masked number instead - which means better privacy for all!

How does it work?

First things first! Make sure to:

  • Update your GOJEK app to the latest version.
  • Use your mobile number registered with GOJEK for the SMS or call.
  • Contact your driver only by using the in-app ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ button.

When communicating with your driver:

  • Your actual mobile number will not be shown to your driver, who will instead see a masked number (eg, 3138 XXXX).
  • Similarly, your driver’s actual mobile number will not be visible to you, and you will see a masked number (eg, 3138 XXXX).

Things to note:

  • The masked number you see is only applicable during your ride. You will not be able to use that number to reach your driver after your ride.
  • The masked number you see for a call may be different from that used to send an SMS.
  • Number masking may not apply for some international calls.


How does a masked number look like?

It is a number that looks like +65 3138 XXXX.

Help! Why am I unable to call or SMS my driver?

Make sure to contact your driver only by using the ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ button in the GOJEK app (ie, do not directly call or send an SMS to the masked number while not on the GOJEK app).

Will I be charged extra for number masking?

Of course not! Number masking is GOJEK's way of making rides safer for you and our driver-partners. Do note that standard carrier charges still apply.

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